Reading & Phonics

Foundation/Key Stage 1

Children first learn their letter sounds and names then apply these to word building.

We use both  Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics as the basis for our teaching of phonics.

These are both recognised as synthetic phonic schemes. The children will also learn a variety of other key words by sight.

Children read individually, in small groups and as a whole class. A variety of different genres are chosen at an appropriate level of ability for each group of children.

As well as being able to read the text, children are encouraged to discuss the content of the book and their opinions about people, places and events are sought.

The more able readers will be asked about the  varied themes of different texts.

Our core reading scheme is The Oxford Reading Tree.

Key Stage 2

Through independent reading, shared reading in literacy lessons and cross-curricular sessions, guided reading groups and reading for pleasure, reading in Key Stage 2 develops and extends the skills acquired in Key Stage 1.

Children explore a wide variety of genre, both fiction and non-fiction which allows them to access, input ideas and understand what they are reading.

They are given opportunities to speculate on the tone and purpose of texts they explore as well as consider both the texts’ themes and audience.

Promoting a Love of Reading

Promoting a love of reading is one of the most important things we can do as a school. We try to do this in many ways,

Including the following:

As part of our Authors’ Programme, every class reads a book from a chosen author each half term.
Within the class a 
mini lending library is set up of books by the focus Author. This helps to widen the children’s range of reading with
modern, highly regarded and age-appropriate books.
Each class has their own lending library

We have a well stocked central library with a pupil operated computer check in/check out system.
A librarian is employed at lunch time to manage and promote the library.

We regularly run ‘Authors in School’ weeks when real authors are invited in to school to work alongside children
In their English lessons.

We celebrate International Book Day with many reading themed activities.

We work closely with the Willerby Library to promote their use including summer reading challenge. 

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‘He has settled in soooooooooooo well at primary school.’

Parent testimonials

‘He has made lots of friends, is extremely happy and developed lots of confidence and independence.’

Parent testimonials

‘It has been fantastic watching his learning grow and he loves gaining new skills, particularly reading. Thank you’

Parent testimonials

‘She has come on leaps and bounds and we will continue to support her at home’

Parent testimonials

‘Excellent. We have been kept informed of any areas that need support at every stage throughout the year.’

Parent testimonials

‘She has made many friends at school and is always happy to put her uniform on and go to school.’

Parent testimonials

‘The nativity, Easter service and sports day have all been wonderful, and it is brilliant how you give every child confidence to get involved in front of an audience.’

Parent testimonials

‘Her confidence and enjoyment has grown for reading which is lovely to see.’

Parent testimonials

‘I feel that the education my son has received has been exceptional.’

Parent testimonials

‘He talks about his day at school with a smile on his face.’

Parent testimonials

‘We are very happy with the high standards that the school tries to achieve.’

Parent testimonials

‘His SENCO and TAs have done an amazing job. He needs a lot of extra help…although he doesn’t feel “different” or any other way than the other children which I fully appreciate.’

Parent testimonials

‘Come on leaps and bounds in confidence and ability. Given the opportunity to flourish.’

Parent testimonials

‘I am happy with his education because he is obviously very happy, secure, keen to learn, and enjoying his achievements.’

Parent testimonials

‘Very pleased with the education that my child has received.’

Parent testimonials