Year 1 curriculum overview

At Carr Lane Willerby Primary School we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which seeks to inspire and motivate all learners.

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Year 1 Autumn Spring Summer
Mathematics Maths Maths Maths
Science Seasonal Change (Autumn/ Winter) Materials

Seasonal Change (Spring/ Summer)



Art & Design
Computing Online safety


Coding Technology Outside of School
DT Structures – houses
Geography Our School & Willerby The UK Bridlington
History Our School & Willerby over time The Great Fire of London The Seaside


Music Hey You!

Rhythym in the way we walk!

In the Groove Round & Round

Your Imagination

PE Locomotion – Jumping

Ball skills – Hands

Dance – Growing

Gymnastics – Body Parts

Locomotion – Running

Ball skills – Feet

Dance – Seasons

Gymnastics – Wide, Narrow, Curled

Athletics – Sports Day

Attack v Defence

Dance – Maypole

Gymnastics – Rocking and Rolling

june, 2021