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Parents’ right of withdrawal :

Parents may request that their child be excused from all or part of the religious education (RE) provided.   Any such request should make clear whether the withdrawal is from the whole RE curriculum or specific parts of it. No reasons need be given.

Religion and belief have become more visible in public life in recent years, making it important that all pupils should have an opportunity to engage in RE.  We would encourage parents who are considering withdrawing their child from RE to discuss this with us.

Our RE curriculum is published on our website.  We also provide links to the East Riding agreed syllabus for RE which we follow.  We are happy to discuss the curriculum with parents and help them make an informed decision.  Our curriculum is relevant to all pupils, respecting their personal beliefs.

Whilst parents or carers have a right to withdraw children from RE, they should note that children may also encounter religions and beliefs in other areas of the curriculum from which there is no right of withdrawal. On occasion, spontaneous questions about religious matters are raised by pupils or issues related to religion arise in other subjects such as history or citizenship.

Where parents have requested that their child be withdrawn, their right will be respected.  We will discuss the arrangements with the parents or carers to explore how the child’s withdrawal can be best accommodated. If pupils are withdrawn from RE, schools have a duty to supervise them, though not to provide additional teaching or to incur extra cost. Pupils will usually remain on school premises.

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